Your metabolism is fueled by tiny engines that reside within your mitochondria in your cells. At any moment in time they are rotating at about 9,000 RPM and while doing so they are making all of the energy that fuels your metabolism and your body.

When most people hear the word “metabolism, ” they think about weight – but it’s so much more than that! Your brain, heart, liver, bones, and glands are all very metabolically active, meaning they require an enormous amount of cellular energy to function 24/7.

The more cellular energy we can produce the better our body will perform, think, run, age, recover, fight and reproduce.

A lack of cellular energy may start out with some body and brain fatigue, or perhaps weight gain and sleeping issues, but long term chronic metabolic dysfunction initiates the beginning of serious health conditions that include cancer, dementia, diabetes, accelerated aging, and lack of resilience to infection.

Are You Ready To Build Better Resilience and Strengthen Your Metabolism?

At MyTabolism we study, teach, test and offer you natural ways to improve the function of these cellular engines to revitalize your metabolic health, enabling you to have the energy to live better and longer. This involves looking at the things that are prohibiting your cells from making ample energy and also focusing on the things that will create long lasting health from the inside out.






Your body has the ability to fix things that go wrong along the way – we call this your innate intelligence – and we will help you to make the most of your innate intelligence by utilizing your own “Energy for a Better You.”

It’s a fast and easy process, and you immediately will start producing more of your own cellular energy than before. No need to bog down your system with quick fixes that only  cover up your symptoms and clog up those little engines even more. Those may give you burst of energy in the short term, but you want natural, sustainable energy.

Is MyTabolism Right For You?

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Our team of experts have developed this program for people who want to experience the benefits of improved metabolism and optimized mitochondrial function. We have seen firsthand how this changes lives, and we want the same for you.

You can schedule a New patient discovery call FREE using the link below. We offer this to give you some information about this missing link of deuterium overload that you may not know about yet.



Most people know that our bodies are mostly made of water. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, which bind together to form H20. There’s regular hydrogen that we all know about; however, there is another form of hydrogen called deuterium.

The difference is that deuterium has an extra neutron, making it twice as big and heavy as regular hydrogen. This “heavy hydrogen” behaves quite differently in the body and can lead to serious negative health consequences.

Dr. Cooper is an expert in reducing levels of deuterium in the body to restore natural cellular energy production and well-being.



Your body knows how to be healthy. By repairing your damaged metabolism, you can empower your cells to create abundant energy (ATP) to heal yourself from the inside out so you can focus on living your life the way you want to live it. Thousands of people have used our methods to enjoy wellness, vitality, and better health outcomes.

How? It starts with a protocol designed specifically for you, with step-by-step guidance along the way. This program will restore and supercharge your body’s innate ability to generate the energy you need to power your life.

Whether you are looking to optimize your health, overcome fatigue, stay youthful, win a gold medal, or beat a cancer diagnosis, we are here to support you with options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

About Dr. Cooper

• Master’s in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (Highest Honors)
• Doctorate of Chiropractic (Honors)
• Charles Gibson Clinic Entrance Award
• Licensed Aesthetician
• Certifications: Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Energetic Medicine, Herbal Medicine

A native of Australia, Dr. Anne Cooper, D.C., LAc. earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College (Los Angeles), graduating with Honors in 1997, while on the Dean’s list and winning the Charles Gibson award for clinical excellence. Her growing commitment to total health and innovative healing therapies led her to continue on with over 25 years of post-doctoral experience in Functional Medicine and Metabolic Health and a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating with highest honors in 2011. Early in her career as she worked with great beauties and powerful and talented women such as Ava Gabor, Carrie Fisher and Judge Judy, she realized that where there is beauty and energy, there MUST be health and that health must be established on a very deep cellular level.   

Dr. Cooper utilizes the exciting new science of deuterium depletion, addressing the true root of chronic illness and fatigue by restoring natural cellular energy production. This energy is what your body has been designed to utilize to create reparative and regenerative processes throughout your entire body.   

After overcoming her own struggle with chronic fatigue, Dr. Cooper is passionate about helping everyone gain the energy to function at their best. Dr. Cooper uses the powerful combination of her functional medicine background and these groundbreaking scientific discoveries to help people of all ages build the foundation for true health and vitality. 

Success Stories

“Dr. Cooper is a healer, through and through. Pretty much any problem or combination of problems you may have, she can navigate your way to better health — and what’s more, you will actually enjoy getting helped! She is serious and warm and at the same time, an authority and a friend. And she doesn’t waste any time either—your sessions will be dense with information, so pay attention, follow her advice and things will get better!”

– Fiona Apple
Grammy Award-winning Singer-songwriter

“Since my treatments began with Dr. Cooper I have noticed an incredible difference in my body. She addressed the many issues that were compromising my quality of life. The frequency of my migraine headaches has been reduced, my stress level has become more manageable because I am not in constant pain and my skin looks phenomenal! Dr. Cooper will address the concerns that are keeping you from performing at an optimal level and will work with you to find the solutions. She is a natural born healer and I am grateful she moved back to Los Angeles from Australia.”

– Jeanie Buss
President, Los Angeles Lakers

“When my youngest brother passed away after a long battle with cancer, I knew that I needed help getting thru the grief. Not wanting to go on medicine I turned to Dr. Anne to try and heal naturally. Thru her care I not only healed but feel better than I ever have. I learned more about my body and how it works plus all the aches and pains I had attributed to getting older went away. With Anne’s help, I have become a person with knowledge on how to truly take care of myself and feel great in the process. Getting healthy is truly a process but with Anne it has become a wonderful journey.”

– Kelly Moss
Author of The Santa Club
CEO JoeBro Records, CEO Kelly Lane Publishing

“Dr. Cooper has been my amazing cure-all. When I pull out my back or sprain my neck after a bad night of sleep, I call Dr. Cooper for a quick adjustment, and I am ready to go. When my blood work shows that I need certain vitamins or nutrients, I call Dr. Cooper to organize my vitamin program. I strongly urge all my friends to see Anne, she is terrific.”

– John Shaw
President, St. Louis Rams Football Team

“Best Wishes to Dr. Anne Cooper. Thank you!”

– James Worthy

Los Angeles Lakers (1982-1994)

“Dear Anne,
Thanks so much for all your help”

– Darryl Jones
Rolling Stones, Bassist (1993-Present)

“I didn’t want to interrupt my husband’s consultation, but I love you so much I knew I had to express my gratitude to you. Thank you again for helping improve my life. I cannot imagine my journey without DDW and the support your center provides.”
– S.S.

“I would tell everyone to give this program a try – it worked for me when nothing else touched my symptoms. This program is the bottom line: if the mitochondria aren’t happy, you can’t function. I have gone from fat and barely able to function to fit and 42 pounds lighter in just over 5 months. My energy is so much better and my labs show the proof of my healing every month! Take your health back, just get started!”
– S.H.

“I came to Dr Cooper at the age of 42, after having suffered a miscarriage. Our goal was to get me “in rock star shape!” I now have a healthy eighteen-month-old daughter and feel younger, stronger, and more vibrant than I’ve felt in years. Dr. Cooper’s expertise and guidance has been absolutely essential – I do not believe I could have gotten to this marvelous place without her.”
– A.M.

“When I started my protocol my energy levels were at a 3. I could feel a substantial amount of energy increase in 5 days, and I felt another huge increase in 0 days. After 21 years of exhaustion, I never imagined I would feel this good again. I now have energy that I haven’t had since before I had my children. 
– J.T.

“Deuterium Depletion and metabolic healing is a lifestyle change that I wish I would have discovered five to ten years ago! It has the answers I have been looking for all this time!”

“My brain fog is gone. My energy level is up and my deep sleep has improved as measured with my Oura ring. It was a big decision for me to do the deuterium depletion protocol. It’s an investment, but it was worth it.”
– J.R.

The deuterium depletion program has gone beyond my expectations. I did not envision a reversal of my condition so quickly. Along with the reversal of my autoimmune condition, the program has given me more energy and sense of well being and an understanding of how to stay healthy. Words cannot express how grateful I am.”
– D.H.

“After many years and many different treatments for Lyme Disease, CIRS and CFS, the pain I have been living with for well over 20 years is going away, along with most of the symptoms associated with these chronic conditions. After about 2 ½ months on the low deuterium water / food protocol, the pain that I thought I would be living with for the rest of my life has been greatly reduced.”
– S.L.

“I’ve seen some beneficial things happen in different areas of my life and have been quite pleased. In particular, my sleep has gotten better to where I’ve been sleeping longer hours. I used to have some pain and discomfort in both of my knees, and that has diminished significantly to the point where it actually has almost gone away, which has been a wonderful surprise. I also have had some back pain on and off, and that has gotten better as well. I have been doing the breathing exercises that they have, and that has been helpful for breathing more deeply and lightly and I can tell that I am just more peaceful as I am breathing. I have seen increased energy and it has also provided me the ability to get back to some things that I had stopped doing with my knee pain. I had stopped doing yoga from the knee pain, but have been able to get back to doing yoga and have started to do some biking now too which has been great, and feeling stronger.

I am not someone who gets the flu each year, but I do have the propensity to get colds. Thankfully, since I’ve started this program my propensity towards colds has diminished to where the colds I have had have not been as intense. So I’m very thankful that I’ve been going through this program and have seen improvement in different areas of my life! I am still going through the process and am looking forward to seeing how I continue to improve.”

– R.B.

In 2016 I got the news from my physician that my PSA had risen for the third year in a row. Nothing will scare and wake you up more quickly than hearing the “C word” in a conversation with your doctor. I was 20 pounds overweight, sluggish, had little energy for exercise, and would tire easily. I did not like the “wait and see” plan that the oncologist recommended, but didn’t have any clue as to what could be done. 

In late 2017 I consulted with Dr. Anne Cooper and Dr. Que Collins. The results have been remarkable. Within the first few weeks, my energy level subtly increased. I suddenly became aware that I was much more physically active – starting projects requiring lots of muscle and movement, such as building a very large outdoor deck. I began to lose the extra pounds I had gained. I’m now halfway through my three-month protocol and am doing great. With six weeks to go, I can only foresee I’ll lose more weight and continue to have an overabundance of energy. I can’t thank Dr. Anne Cooper & Dr. Que Collins enough for their expertise and encouragement. 


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Dr. Cooper is based in Los Angeles, and consults with clients worldwide.